You Don't Have to be Unhappy with Your Skin

You Don’t Have to Be Unhappy with Your Skin

Do you think wistfully of the skin you took for granted in your younger years? Neglect over the years combined with changes due to age can add up to less-than-perfect skin. Many of us suffer from broken capillaries, sun spots, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, birthmarks, stretch marks, and more. Special creams and ointments can help, but you can give your skin a boost on the road back to beauty. What is this boost? A visit to your Derick provider will provide you with many options, but one treatment has proved very effective. That is the use of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).

What Is IPL?

Intense Pulsed Light is similar to a laser because both use light waves to achieve results. However, the laser is more focused and uses only one wavelength of light at a time, while the IPL uses light pulses composed of multiple wavelengths.

What is the purpose of the multiple wavelengths? Less focused than a laser, the IPL light penetrates to the second layer of skin (dermis) leaving the upper layer (epidermis) untouched. This visible, intense light can be filtered to target multiple structures within the dermis. The light heats and destroys the structures which are then resorbed and disposed of by your body. The destroyed pigment in the cells remove the associated freckle or other spot.

IPL is particularly effective for the reduction of pigmented birthmarks and capillaries, depending upon the size and severity of each condition. Freckles, age spots, and damage from sun exposure also respond well to treatment.

Prior to the procedure the treatment site will be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt and contaminants. Then a cold gel that will help reduce any burning sensation will be applied to the skin. Commonly patients experience a brief burning sensation and bright flashes during treatment. You will also be provided with protection for your eyes, which should be worn throughout the procedure. You might also experience mild, temporary side effects after treatment like some redness or slight burning sensation, which can be reduced with the
application of a mild anesthetic. Sometimes blistering can occur, as well as white patches and bruising.

The IPL can be used on any part of the body. Because it is non-invasive and no skin tissue is removed, the procedure does not require anesthetics or sedation. Many patients can resume
their normal routine immediately.

Getting Ready for IPL Treatment

IPL treatment is not ideal for every patient. Certain skin conditions, preexisting health conditions, and some medications are not compatible with this treatment. Taking medications that cause the skin to be photosensitive may rule out an IPL option, as could some forms of skin damage. IPL is most useful for those with light to medium skin tones. Ultimately, your Derick provider will determine whether you are a good candidate for IPL treatment and how that treatment should be administered.

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