Protecting Your Skin Chicago

Protecting the Skin from Chicago’s Cold Winds

Protecting the skin from Chicago’s elements in the winter requires about the same level of effort as doing so in the summer. The sun and wind create an ever-present demand for protection in all seasons. Nonetheless, winter produces additional needs for enhancing skincare. Some commonsense tips for keeping skin healthy in Chicago’s freezing winters require less effort than one may think. Each small step takes little effort but can make a huge difference.

Hand Sanitizers and Your Skin

Hand Sanitizers and Your Skin

Hand Sanitizer and Your Skin Hand sanitizers were created in the 1990s by medical professionals looking for a quick way to sanitize their hands between patients, especially when soap and water were not available. In order to kill bacteria, the sanitizers needed to contain at least 60% alcohol. The sanitizers worked well as an antibacterial…

woman taking a bath surrounded by candles

Treating Dry Winter Skin

Dry skin is part and parcel of our frosty winter months. When we’re outdoors, the cold air has far less humidity than warm air; when we’re indoors, we heat our homes and offices with warm, dry air. Between the two, our skin takes a beating. To combat dry winter skin, try the following tips: Bathing…