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Is lotion good for you?

Is Lotion Good for You?

The luxurious feeling of body lotion after a shower or bath brings enjoyment to a daily activity and makes it special. While a few ingredients can make lotions harmful, most provide a beneficial effect on personal well-being. Hydration and moisturizing enhance the skin with nutrients that make the skin soft and supple, guarding against signs of aging.

7 Tips For Healthy Spring Skin

Preparing Your Skin for Spring

Spring’s arrival gives you a perfect time to refresh your skincare routine. After a winter of protecting against the dry, harsh weather, you can lighten up for spring. Your skin’s healthy, glowing look reflects a shift to milder spring days with seasonal skincare. A change in seasons lets you adapt your routine to suit your needs. These seven steps can make the switch between seasons easy.

About Skin Tags and How to Treat Them

About Skin Tags and How to Treat Them

While advertisements for over-the-counter or home remedies abound and make removal look easy, the fact remains that a skin tag may contain nerve cells and blood vessels. Therefore, a DIY procedure that produces pain and bleeding may not provide the outcome that one may desire. The Harvard Health blog affirms that they do not need removal. However, confirming their identity with a dermatologist can provide peace of mind.

Protecting Your Skin Chicago

Protecting the Skin from Chicago’s Cold Winds

Protecting the skin from Chicago’s elements in the winter requires about the same level of effort as doing so in the summer. The sun and wind create an ever-present demand for protection in all seasons. Nonetheless, winter produces additional needs for enhancing skincare. Some commonsense tips for keeping skin healthy in Chicago’s freezing winters require less effort than one may think. Each small step takes little effort but can make a huge difference.

Common Skin Conditions in Children

Common Skin Conditions in Children

Common Skin Conditions in Children Humbled by our glowing testimonials and ever-expanding clientele, we at Derick Dermatology take great pride in providing patients with the world-class skin care solutions they deserve. Thanks to our dynamic professionals and varying degrees of expertise, we’re skilled in several fields of dermatology. Cosmetic, medical, and surgical are among a…

Practice Safe Sun

Practice Safe Sun

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) wants to make sure you’re practicing safe sun! They’ve put together a public service announcement about the importance of using protection when you’re heading outside to enjoy the warm spring weather. Because just like other things you should practice safely, time in the sun exposes you to more than…