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Derick Dermatology cares for patients of any age, including newborns and the elderly. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of medical dermatology services for patients in the Chicagoland area. Our board-certified dermatologists are supported by a talented team of well-trained professionals. Our goal is to help you create and maintain beautiful, healthy skin throughout your life.

What Is Medical Dermatology?

A medical dermatologist is trained to treat a variety of skin diseases. The professionals at Derick Dermatology can help you at all stages of the process from initial evaluation and diagnosis to the creation and implementation of a custom treatment plan.

Medical dermatology is a generalized practice that focuses on a long list of skin conditions. From moderate acne to all stages of skin cancer, you can count on our experienced and compassionate dermatology team to help you understand all of your treatment options. The goal is always to heal and recover, but some dermatological conditions require long-term management and ongoing treatment.

Medical Services at Derick Dermatology

The following list will introduce you to some of the medical conditions we commonly treat at Derick Dermatology. If you believe you suffer from a skin condition that isn’t represented here, feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation. We can help you diagnose and treat an expansive list of conditions that impact the skin.

  • Acne – A medical dermatologist can help you identify the type of acne affecting your skin. Our experienced team will create a treatment plan that helps limit and control acne breakouts over time. When over-the-counter face washes and exfoliates don’t work, allow Derick Dermatology to personalize your treatment.
  • Warts – Most warts are successfully removed with treatments performed in the office. You may require one or more follow-up appointment to completely treat your wart.
  • Moles – Some moles are harmless and are only removed for cosmetic purposes. Others can become a health risk and require more immediate intervention. Allow our team to analyze your moles and help you determine the best course of action to protect your health.
  • Cysts – Patients often schedule a dermatology consultation when a cyst starts to swell and becomes painful. If you have a cyst that doesn’t go away easily or that routinely comes back, it’s important to call Derick Dermatology as soon as possible. Our team can check for cancerous cells and other serious complications. We can also help with basic cyst treatment.
  • Lesions – There are many reasons you may develop a lesion. Some are more worrisome than others. A dermatologist is needed to analyze characteristics of the lesion to determine the most appropriate course of action.
  • RosaceaRosacea is diagnosed through physical examination and a series of questions related to symptoms. Your dermatologist will help you control the condition over time.
  • Dermatitis – There are many causes of dermatitis, and each may require a different treatment. In some cases, it’s impossible to determine the exact cause. Your dermatologist can still provide treatments that will clear up the rash. Reoccurring dermatitis may require ongoing care.
  • Eczema – Eczema is often difficult to treat and may impact people of all ages, including children. Our dermatology professionals can help you explore treatment options to find what works for your skin.
  • Psoriasis – Many people suffer from psoriasis throughout their lifetime. With the help of a dermatologist, you can limit the physical symptoms for maximum comfort and reduced intrusion on your daily life.

Your search for “medical dermatology near me” ends at Derick Dermatology. Our service area includes Barrington, Buffalo Grove, Elgin, Lindenhurst, Naperville, Park Ridge, Arlington Heights, Bartlett, Crystal Lake, Libertyville, McHenry and Oak Brook. View all of our Derick Dermatology locations

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Derick Dermatology is overseen by medical director Amy Derick, M.D. She’s a board-certified dermatologist with experience in all areas of dermatology, including generalized medical services. As a graduate of the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine and the University of Chicago Hospital’s Dermatology Residency Program, she has dedicated her career to helping Illinois residents achieve and maintain a healthy glow.

Dr. Amy Derick currently serves as Instructor of Clinical Dermatology at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. She’s proud to work with an experienced team of dermatology professionals at Derick Dermatology.

To schedule a consultation, call us at (847) 381-8899. We look forward to discussing your skin concerns at one of our convenient locations.

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