Electronic Health Records

Derick Dermatology is committed to providing the best medical care through state-of-the-art technology: enterprise grade secure wireless, mobile tablet workstations, redundant encrypted servers, high resolution “still imaging” and 3D full body imaging and analysis. This technology supports an “electronic health records” system to improve your medical care and increase your satisfaction:

  • Your records are accessible by our staff from all of office locations via a centralized system.
  • Your records are maintained in an encrypted and highly redundant storage system that provides quick retrieval and immediate access by our staff. Hourly backups ensure data integrity and accessibility.
  • Your records are always up-to-date and can be accessed immediately for real-time discussion.
  • Your records can be tracked via long-term image retention and computerized analysis. Electronic Health Records provide enhanced Clinical Decision Support to ensure the best care administered at the right time.
  • Your records improve care coordination by reducing the fragmentation associated with paper records.
  • Your records are integrated and organized in a logical fashion-with controlled access.
  • Your records can be easily coordinated with other medical specialties. This results in simpler disease and condition management.
  • Your records improve accuracy and speed of prescribed medications through electronic prescription transmission services to your pharmacy with automatic medication interaction identification.
  • Your records increase lab result turnaround–with integrated lab interfaces and automatic alerts to critical lab values. This accelerates patient treatment and often results in fewer overall tests ordered.

Note: Derick Dermatology is proud to offer FREE high-speed wireless access-from the waiting room to the exam room.