Dermatology Videos – Patient Education

Your health is important. Make your well-being a priority by educating yourself on how to keep your skin healthy and your body happy. Dr. Amy Derick – a board-certified dermatologist and the Medical Director of Derick Dermatology – has created a series of medical videos to help make the education process easier. In two minutes or less, you can learn important information about sun protection, tattoo removal, skin cancer prevention, acne solutions, and more.

Just click on the video image below to view one of Derick Dermatology’s patient education videos.

Derick Dermatology Practice Overview

Welcome to Derick Dermatology! We deliver the highest standard of care in medical dermatology.

Skin Signs of Internal Disease

Dr. Amy Derick addresses the fact that skin conditions can signal serious internal disease.

Body Contouring

Dr. Amy Derick discusses how you can achieve a leaner, more sculpted body with CoolSculpting™.

Say No to Melanoma

Dr. Amy Derick discusses how safeguarding your skin can safeguard your life from skin cancer.

Sleep and the Skin

Dr. Amy Derick discusses the powerful relationship between sleep deprivation and skin health.

Work-Life Balance

Dr. Amy Derick shares wisdom gleaned from her mentors and life pertaining to work-life balance.

Combating Winter Skin

Dr. Amy Derick discusses strategies for overcoming the harsh effects of winter.

Reversing Sun Damage

Dr. Amy Derick shares how sun damaged skin can be dramatically improved through laser surgery.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Dr. Amy Derick discusses the latest in lasers for improving skin tone, texture, and laxity.

Telltale Hands

Dr. Amy Derick reviews ways to rejuvenate the hands through lasers, fillers and topical.

Tattoo Removal

Dr. Amy Derick addresses tattoo removal through the latest laser technology.

News on Nails

Dr. Amy Derick addresses the safety concerns connected with the no-chip manicures and other.

Sun Protection

Dr. Amy Derick addresses sun safety for everybody.

How to Wash Your Face

Dr. Amy Derick reviews the key steps to proper face washing.

Watch for Suspicious Spots

Sometimes the question, “What’s that?” can save your life. Dr. Derick.

Beauty and the Budget

Dr. Amy Derick sheds light on how to save money on skin care products and routines.

How to Choose the Right Filler

Dr. Amy Derick reviews key points about injectable fillers, a non-invasive alternative.

How to Get the Most from Your Products

Dr. Amy Derick discusses tips for getting the most out of your daily skin care products.

Sun Safety and Skin Cancer Prevention

Dr. Amy Derick discusses skin cancer prevention and sun safety on WGN-TV Chicago.

Who Should Be Providing Your Cosmetic Treatment?

Dr. Amy Derick addresses patient safety in cosmetic treatments in this American Academy.

Tattoo Removals

Dr. Amy Derick was recently featured on the China Central Television (CCTV) news program.

No Chip Manicures Can Go Wrong

There are growing concerns about nail damage caused by “no-chip” manicures.

The Ins and Outs of Injectables

Dr. Amy Derick shows how Botox can help create a natural, relaxed look and eliminate.

Acne Solutions

Dr. Amy Derick discusses acne solutions for teens.