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I had been struggling with this rash for a while prior to coming to Dr. Derick's office. I was seen in the office and given samples of the medication she prescribed. I applied the samples in the car and by the time I got home my rash was almost gone!! Dr. Derick and her team did a great job and I would highly recommend this practice to others.

K. Mueller

I can’t tell you how professional and efficient Amy and her staff are. I’m always comfortable and relaxed when I visit. Any procedure that I’ve experienced has gone smoothly.

Janet S.

I felt that I was well informed and prepared for the laser resurfacing procedure. The staff made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I followed the aftercare instructions provided to me, and healed very quickly with a minimal amount of down-time.

Joal D.

Dear Ms. Bowman, It is very atypical of me to contact providers, vendors or professionals of any sort unless they are direct associates of mine. However I feel the need to say a few things to you. Of course I could be wrong and another part of me thinks maybe I should just keep my comments to myself, but here it is. I was very reluctant to come to you for the condition I have. I'm sure you treat this type of condition all the time, although from my perception, it is a sensitive subject and frankly, embarrassing at times. I was extremely nervous at my first appointment with you. I still get anxious sometimes. With knowing this, you have made it so much easier for me to see you for treatment. Not only are you very professional (which not all providers are by the way, as simple or obvious as it might sound), but your gentle sense of caring, taking your time and not making the patient feel rushed, and knowledge / expertise really goes a long way for me. I have also noticed this when you cared for my son. He also thought very highly of you and your service. I just thought that maybe you should hear all of this. You are an outstanding professional in what you do and an excellent medical provider. Your sense of caring for the patient really shines through. I truly think it would be extremely difficult to find anyone in the country that would exceed your skills. Thank you! 🙂


For most of my life, my skin was pretty decent - definitely not perfect, but nothing I was too concerned about either. Then, during my last year of college, everything changed. I got more and more breakouts that were harder and harder to cover up; I didn't know if it was related to stress or diet or something else entirely, but no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to make it any better. Then, at the end of my second to last semester, I got a job! I was thrilled, of course, but there was one big problem: I was hired to be a member of a performing electric string quartet, and a huge part of the job was looking good - to the clients, on stage, and in pictures. Since I was embarrassed about my face just walking down the street, let alone with a spotlight on me in front of hundreds of people, I decided it was time for me to get some professional treatment. I had gone to the Derick Dermatology offices before for unrelated reasons and was happy with the results, so I gave them a call, and I still count that as one of the best decisions of my career. Not only did the team at Derick work hard to find the medications that worked best for me, but they also gave me fantastic advice about skin care, sun care, and great products to help my skin on the road to perfection. Now, I've been completely breakout-free and extremely happy for over a year, and the compliment I receive most often is "Your skin looks PERFECT!" Thank you so much Derick Dermatology for saving my professional life!!

Sarah C.

During my yearly skin exam, Dr. Derick noticed a divot on the edge of my breast. She asked me if it was new because she thought it could be correlated with cancer since it is not normal to be devoted in that area. After having a bi-annual mammogram with abnormal results, I was unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily it was caught early enough and lymph nodes were negative, so the lesion was removed and I will now have to go through 6-8 weeks of radiation. I am very thankful that Dr. Derick wasn't just looking at my skin but also was concerned with my overall health.

Linda P. - Barrington

Dr. Derick, When I saw these pictures, before I had seen Christine in person, I can't tell you the emotions I felt. I was overwhelmed, so happy, that I just started weeping with joy -- I couldn't believe what you had done, you've given me my little girl back. It's incredible, almost a miracle that you had this idea tucked away somewhere in your memory to be able to think of APL when Christine came in that day for acne medicine. And now, with all of your efforts, I see my little girl again like she was before the syndrome struck. Thank you, thank you, I am so grateful.

Jonathan, Cary - IL

My Rosacea reappeared after being dormant for about 10 years. I came to Derick Dermatology for treatment and as I had hoped. I feel cured (hopefully for another decade). I couldn’t be happier about it. Thank you.

Bob V. - Barrington, Illinois