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When it comes to our children, we want the absolute best. This includes the best medical treatment. Although pediatricians are knowledgeable about certain skin disorders, there is a limit to the amount of advice that they can give about conditions of the skin. The providers of Derick Dermatology are experts in conditions of the skin, and they can assist patients of all ages, including children. Here are just a few of the conditions our providers commonly treat for our pediatric dermatology patients:


Commonly characterized by itchy, flaky skin, this inflammation can be hereditary or caused by an irritant. Eczema can be itchy and uncomfortable for some, so getting a proper diagnosis and treatment plan in place will go a long way toward relieving discomfort. In addition to the skin conditions of adults, Derick Dermatology also treats child and baby eczema, creating a personalized eczema treatment plan for every patient’s needs. In addition to any medical treatments that may be necessary, you will receive information on the daily cleansing and care of sensitive skin.


Children can get warts on their fingers, hands, feet, faces, or anywhere on their bodies. While children can outgrow warts, they are often unsightly and can affect their everyday lives. Warts can be treated with cryotherapy (freezing), injections, or topical medicines. We select the best wart removal procedure for the type of wart and your child’s comfort. Managing your child’s pain during procedures is a priority at Derick Dermatology, and we aim to make your child as comfortable as possible while completing whichever wart removal option best suits his or her needs.


Teenagers are often the first thought when we think of acne, but younger children can develop it as well. The providers at Derick Dermatology are experienced in child and baby acne treatment and prevention. When acne flare-ups start, it is important to diagnose it and treat it as soon as possible in order to avoid the development of scarring that can affect a child in both physical and emotional ways.


Patients seek out wart removal for multiple reasons. Many parents are concerned about moles, as they may be an indication for skin cancer. Moles can also be in embarrassing locations on the body, where they are highly visible and make the individual self-conscious. They can also rub against clothing and be in locations of the body where they contact skin and can irritate. Mole removal can be done at Derick Dermatology when necessary, for patients of all ages.

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