Is Earlobe Repair Right For You?

By January 27, 2017Blog
stages of earlobe repair. earlobe with hole, earlobe with sutures, earlobe without sutures

While pierced ears may have started the trend, body piercings are almost as common as tattoos these days. Nose, eyebrow, tongue, lip, or otherwise, almost any body part can be used for ornamentation. Regardless of location, any body piercing can have unpleasant outcomes, including keloids, infections, and allergic reactions, among others. One of the most common concerns with one of the most common piercing locations – the earlobe – is earlobe tearing.

Many everyday occurrences can lead to problems with your ear piercings. Repeated wear of heavy earrings can pull on and elongate the once-small holes in your earlobes, making it difficult to wear studs or any other earrings that need to be secured with backing. Another problem is when earrings are pulled downward out of your lobes. Whether caused by an accident or an eager toddler who is fascinated by the sparkle of your jewelry, complete lobe tears make it nearly impossible to wear earrings – even clip-ons. The good news is that you are not doomed to live with these problems forever. Earlobe repair involves minor surgery that can be performed in our offices and is a relatively easy way to correct your piercing tears.

There is no need for you to settle for living with torn earlobes. If you have elongated piercing holes or completely torn earlobes, you may be a candidate for earlobe repair. The doctors at Derick Dermatology have experience assessing both of these concerns and may suggest a minor surgical procedure that meets your specific needs. Whatever the suggested treatment, our ideal outcome is for your ear to be surgically repaired, then given time to heal sufficiently enough for a new piercing.

If you think that you may be a candidate for earlobe repair or have any other dermatological concerns, contact Derick Dermatology today to schedule an appointment with one of our highly qualified dermatologists. With locations in Arlington Heights, Barrington, Crystal Lake, and Elgin, plus evening and weekend hours to accommodate the schedules of our busy patients, convenient dermatological treatment is just a phone call away. Let us help you look and be your best.

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