Laser Hair Removal

Education, Experience, and Technology Equal Best Treatment

When you entrust your care to the providers at Derick Dermatology, you can rely on the expertise we have gained through many years of education and experience to provide you with the best care available. We also use the safest, most current technology to provide you with effective treatment options. One of the instruments we use for hair removal is the GentleMax® laser.

Hair Removal Issues

Men and women alike are anxious to find a way to remove unwanted hair from our bodies. We are hairy creatures—it not only grows atop our heads, but also on arms, legs, and underarms, not to mention our ears and faces! Razors, electric shavers, hair removal creams, waxing, and sugaring are all attempts to rid ourselves of the unwanted nuisance. Unfortunately, none of these provide permanent removal of the hair.

Fortunately, science has enabled the design and production of the GentleMAX® laser that can drastically reduce hair regrowth in treated areas. In the hands of an experienced Derick provider, this tool can safely put an end to the need for temporary hair removal remedies.

GentleMAX® Laser

Light from the laser operates on the melanin in your skin. Because light and dark skin react differently to the laser light, the GentleMAX® has two different wavelengths to provide the safest, most comfortable experience. A qualified provider will know which wavelength is most suitable for your skin type.

Laser Hair Removal

There are more hairs on our bodies than you may think—in fact, probably as many as some animals—but our hair is much finer and lighter. Of an estimated 5 million hairs on the human body, only about 100,000 of them are located on the head. Because hair grows in stages, all hair within a given treatment area cannot be eliminated at the same session. This explains why it may appear that the lasered hair has “grown back” after treatment, when in fact this “regrowth” is hair that was not affected by the laser due to its growth stage at the time of treatment. Follow-up appointments will eventually eliminate that hair by catching it at the proper growth stage. Because laser treatment does not eliminate the hair follicle, some persistent hair
growth may require “touch-up” treatments.

Patients have compared the “zing” of the laser to having a rubber band snapped on your wrist; they often feel the pain seems to be less with subsequent treatments. Pain intensity can also vary with the location being treated. There can be some redness in the skin following treatment which soon dissipates and there is virtually no downtime or recovery.

Consult an Expert

There is no substitute for trained, experienced providers when it comes to laser hair removal. Call your Derick provider today to schedule a consultation to have all your questions answered. With locations in Arlington Heights, Barrington, Bartlett, Buffalo Grove, Crystal Lake, Elgin, LibertyvilleLindenhurst, McHenry, and Park Ridge you can find a location convenient to you!