What is Juvederm®?

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What is Juvederm?


When deciding to invest your time and money into Juvederm® treatment, it is important to understand how you can help your Derick Dermatology professional to achieve the best outcome. The following information explains what Juvederm® is and the allergy precautions, as well as information you should share with your provider and recommendations for post-treatment care.

Juvederm is a colorless hyaluronic acid gel. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body and plays an important role in skin health. It not only supports skin structure, but it also assists in the hydration of the skin, helps deliver nutrients, and acts as a cushioning agent.

When injected into wrinkles and folds, as well as beneath tissue in the cheeks, Juvederm® temporarily smooths and adds fullness to the skin. While every patient is unique, most patients need one treatment, with a touch-up treatment at six months, to achieve optimal wrinkle smoothing, and the results can last about nine months to one year or more, depending upon the treatment site.

Allergy Precautions

Be sure to discuss your allergy history with your provider prior to treatment.

Juvederm® contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic that helps to relieve discomfort at the injection site. If you are allergic to lidocaine you must inform your provider before proceeding with treatment. If you have other severe allergies and a history of severe allergic reactions it is important for you to advise your provider to avoid a possible allergic reaction.

Your Role in Achieving the Best Results

Prior to treatment:

  • Advise your provider if you are using aspirin, ibuprofen, or other blood thinners because these medications may increase bruising or bleeding at the injection site.
  • Tell your provider if you are planning laser treatment, a chemical peel, or any other procedure after treatment because there is a chance for an inflammatory reaction at the treatment site.
  • Be sure to advise your provider if you are on any immunotherapy drugs because it could increase the risk of infection at the treatment site.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding be sure to discuss the use of Juvederm® with your provider.
  • Alert your provider if you are prone to developing cold sores.
  • Tell your provider if you have experienced excessive scarring. Juvederm® has not been tested in patients with this condition and the use of Juvederm® could result in additional scarring.
  • Alert your provider and discuss your history if you have a pigmentation disorder.

During the first 24 hours following treatment reduce the risk of temporary redness, swelling or itching at the injection site by avoiding:

  • Strenuous exercise
  • Exposure to intense sun or heat
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages

There are other things to consider before you choose to have a Juvederm® treatment. Your Derick Dermatology professional is ready to answer your questions and prepare the best plan for your unique situation. Locations in Arlington Heights, Barrington, Bartlett, Buffalo Grove, Crystal Lake, Elgin, Libertyville, Lindenhurst, McHenry, and Park Ridge, mean there is a convenient location near you. Call for your appointment today.

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