Pediatric Dermatology: Your Child and Their Skin

Pediatric Dermatology

Pediatric Dermatology: Your Child and Their Skin

Does your child suffer from itchy, dry skin? Do they have warts or moles on their fingers or other areas of their body? Are their skin conditions causing them discomfort or pain? If so, it’s time to bring them to Derick Dermatology for a consultation and diagnosis. Although your pediatrician can be knowledgeable about some disorders of the skin, the professionals at Derick Dermatology are experts in diagnosing and treating skin disorders – it’s our specialty. There are several skin conditions of concern that affect children – here are just a few:


If your child complains of itchy skin, and their skin appears flaky and patchy, they may be suffering from eczema. Although eczema is sometimes hereditary, it can also be caused by irritants. The flaky, itchy skin can be miserable. Babies and young children can benefit from a treatment plan designed for their unique situation. It is important to bring your child in for a consultation when in doubt so we can diagnose their condition and quickly begin treatment to relieve their discomfort.


Your child may have warts in various locations – in fact, warts can appear anywhere – on the face, fingers, hands and feet, and elsewhere. The warts might go away without treatment as your child ages, but they can be uncomfortable, and the unsightly appearance can be a problem too. We treat warts differently, depending upon the type and location, and the method that will be most comfortable for your child. Some typical treatments include cryotherapy (freezing), injections, and topical medications. Of course, we always strive to provide a treatment that will minimize any pain your child may experience because we want your child to be as comfortable as possible.


Babies and young children can suffer from acne – it isn’t reserved for the teenage crowd! We have extensive experience treating acne in babies and young children and can prescribe preventative measures to avoid flare-ups. A proper diagnosis is key to achieving relief, and an early diagnosis can help to avoid possible scarring and the stressful impact it can have on your child’s physical and emotional health.


Moles are a cause of concern for both health and aesthetic reasons. They can sometimes be an indicator of skin cancer, a major concern until diagnosed. Moles can also appear in prominent locations that are easily seen by others, creating a source of embarrassment to your child. When located in some areas a mole can come in contact with skin folds or clothing, causing irritation as the two surfaces rub against each other. When indicated, we can remove moles – no matter the age of the patient.

If your child is suffering from any skin disorder and the resulting discomfort, call us today at (847) 381-8899, or request an appointment online. We have convenient locations to serve you