Removing the Redness- Vbeam

By December 21, 2017Blog, Rosacea
before and after of woman's redness on cheek with vbeam

Removing the Redness- Vbeam
By: Olivia Nuelle

If you’ve ever struggled with acne or rosacea, you’re not alone. Both rosacea and acne affect millions of Americans and can be life disrupting. Acne scars and facial redness can be difficult to conceal. The Vbeam laser is an incredible option for decreasing redness due to acne scars and rosacea. This specific treatment uses colored light to remove skin redness. “A laser! That seems way too strong for the skin!” you may say. However, the Vbeam laser treatment is an amazing piece of technology. The colored laser light directly targets the hemoglobin in the blood vessels that cause the redness. The light from the laser heats up the vessel and causes it to degrade. This light specifically targets the blood vessel minimizing damage to surrounding structures. However, like any procedure there are some minor risks involved. These will be discussed with you at your consultation.

What the Vbeam Laser can treat:
Scars/Acne Scars
Cherry Angiomas
Broken Blood Vessels
New or Fresh Bruises
Port Wine Stains
Venous Lakes

What to expect with a Vbeam Laser Treatment:
Many people compare the pain to a rubber band snap or a slight stinging sensation. During treatment, you will wear protective eyewear to protect your eyes from any laser light rays. The length of treatment depends on the surface area lasered.

What to expect after the Vbeam Treatment:
Directly after treatment you will apply a cold compress in order to decrease pain and swelling. The treated skin should not be exposed to sunlight without sunscreen protection. There may be some bruising visible after treatment, but that is a normal reaction to the laser light and will generally disappear after treatment.

Is this a one-time treatment?
Several treatments are needed to improve scarring and redness. The number of necessary treatments varies and this can be discussed with your Derick Dermatology provider.

Where can I get this done?
Derick Dermatology offers Vbeam laser in both the Elgin and Arlington Heights offices. Call or schedule an appointment at any of our locations to learn if this treatment is right for you!