Dermatology for Men

Esthetic Treatments for Men Have Moved Mainstream

For many years women have enjoyed the benefits of the many esthetic treatments available to enhance and improve their appearance. In recent years the number of men who have discovered that they, too, can benefit from these treatments has been growing.

Why Are Men Seeking Treatments?

Many men feel that, in addition to experience and good qualifications, it is important to look youthful and vigorous in today’s competitive work environment. Everyone knows it takes years to gain a useful background, but they don’t want those years to be reflected in their appearance. Others want treatments because they want their outward appearance to reflect how positively they feel about themselves.

Men seeking esthetic treatments share that they want to look rested and refreshed, but often do not seek to erase all the lines and wrinkles they have acquired. Many don’t want the sometimes long recovery required from cosmetic surgery. For them, the various esthetic treatments we offer can answer their needs.

Some Popular Treatments

There are several treatments available to treat specific conditions. Sometimes a combination of treatments is necessary to achieve the desired results. A few of the treatments include:

Botox Cosmetic

Botox Cosmetic is an injection used to relax the underlying muscles that contribute to some wrinkles. This helps to decrease the appearance of the wrinkles. It is often used to reduce the appearance of lines on the forehead, laugh lines, and crow’s feet, all of which are caused by movement.

Dermal Fillers

FDA-approved, dermal fillers are used to replace volume and to fill lines and wrinkles. The filler is injected beneath the skin and is a far less invasive way to regain a youthful appearance compared to facelift surgery.

Laser Hair Removal

The GentleMAX laser we use has two wavelengths, so it works well on both light and dark skin. The laser permanently removes hair at certain growth stages, so it can take several treatments to eliminate all the hair in an area. Hair can be removed from the chest and/or back, and even unruly hair that can grow on our ears. The treatments cause very little discomfort and no downtime for recovery.

Laser/Light Skin Rejuvenation

We use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) on the upper layer of your skin to improve its appearance. IPL can be used to remove wrinkles and fine lines, birthmarks, sunspots and other dark spots, broken capillaries, scars, acne, and more.

Tattoo Removal

At Derick we use the PicoSure laser to remove tattoos. This advanced laser enables us to remove tattoos twice as fast as older technologies. The number of treatments required to remove a tattoo depends upon several factors, including its location, size, ink used in the tattoo, and whether it was applied by a professional or amateur artist. Regardless of the reason you wish to remove your tattoo, we have the solution you need.

Esthetic Treatments for Men

At Derick Dermatology we treat male clients every day who have decided that now is the time to improve their appearance to look and feel their best. Our trained professionals are experts at esthetic treatments to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as laser hair and tattoo removal, laser skin rejuvenation, and more. If you are ready to learn what it would take to gain that refreshed look you want, contact our office today at (847) 381-8899 to set up a consultation. We have convenient locations to serve you in Arlington Heights, Barrington, Bartlett, Buffalo Grove, Crystal Lake, Elgin, Libertyville, Lindenhurst, McHenry, Naperville and Park Ridge.