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Barrington’s Best

Located approximately 32 miles northwest of Chicago, nestled between Cook and Lake counties in Illinois, lies the thriving, affluent, suburban village of Barrington, Illinois. With a population of just under 11,000 and a variety of outstanding natural features, including forest preserves, pristine wetlands and several parks, Barrington is an ideal environment for both families and…

Doctor Jessica Sheehan

Doctor Jessica Sheehan, Mohs Surgeon

Caring, compassionate physician, board certified dermatologist, and Mohs surgeon, Dr. Jessica Sheehan is an integral part of Derick Dermatology family. She stresses the partnership between doctor and patient and the physicians need to establish mutual respect and confidence. The key to her style can be found in her final statement on the website, “I treat…

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The Right Choice in Dermatology

The board certified dermatologists at Derick Dermatology treat the body’s largest organ, your skin. Like any other organ, it can be affected by disease, accident, illness, injury and birth defect. How effectively it is treated determines the continued health and vibrancy of your skin. Did you know that your Derick dermatologist can also treat issues…

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Your Job and the Sun

You live in one of the most health and safety-conscious countries in the world. Laws are constantly being enacted to protect you from perceived dangers to reduce the potential of needless injury and death. Don’t you buckle your seat belts when you drive your car or wear your bicycle or motorcycle helmet to protect your…

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Rosacea and You

Do you know what former president Bill Clinton, the Princess of Wales, Diana and long ago film star, W.C. Fields have or had in common? They are or were all living with rosacea, a disease that causes a reddening of the skin, affecting more than 14 million Americans today. As the disease develops, it can…