doctor's clipboard showing a diagnosis of molluscum contagiosum


Molluscum Hannah Caroompas Molluscum contagiosum is a virus that, as the name suggests, is contagious. The appearance of bumps that are often flesh colored or pink, dome shaped, and have a dimple in the center are the only symptom of infection. It can take several weeks for a person to begin showing the symptoms from…

doctor checking for skin cancer on patient's shoulder with magnifying glass

Risk of Skin Cancer

Risk of Skin Cancer Lauren Fanta If you have a history of basal cell carcinoma (BCC) or squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), it may have been a huge relief to hear the diagnosis was not malignant melanoma. Malignant melanoma accounts for less than 1% of skin cancer cases, but makes up the majority of skin cancer…

doctor holding a clip board with paper that says "psoriasis or eczema?"

Psoriasis vs Eczema

Psoriasis vs Eczema By: Lauren Fanta With colder months approaching, as is the inevitable discomfort of itchy, dry skin. Now is the time to get your psoriasis or eczema under control. Although both are considered inflammatory skin conditions, understanding the difference between psoriasis and eczema can help you understand different treatment options used to effectively…

before and after of woman's redness on cheek with vbeam

Removing the Redness- Vbeam

Removing the Redness- Vbeam By: Olivia Nuelle If you’ve ever struggled with acne or rosacea, you’re not alone. Both rosacea and acne affect millions of Americans and can be life disrupting. Acne scars and facial redness can be difficult to conceal. The Vbeam laser is an incredible option for decreasing redness due to acne scars…

ski lift, ski slope and snow. protecting skin in winter

Snow Skiers- Protect Your Skin!

Snow Skiers- Protect Your Skin! Hannah Caroompas Whether we like it or not, it is nearing that time of year where freezing temperatures, high winds, and snow rule our lives. For outdoor snow sports enthusiasts, this means it is almost time to start gearing up! While you are making sure all your equipment is ready…


Raynaud’s Disease

Raynaud’s Disease By Julie Hancock Raynaud’s disease is a condition characterized by reduced blood flow to certain areas of the body, especially the fingers and toes. Sometimes there is an underlying medical condition that is causing this phenomenon, known as secondary Raynaud’s, but sometimes this is not the case, and is subsequently referred to as…