Tattoo Removal from Knuckles

Tattoo Removal Getting More Popular

By: Jessica Meyer With my laser tattoo removal process started, I’ve noticed the huge rise in popularity of laser tattoo removal. In the media especially, tattoo removal by all methods is being talked about more and more. Dr. Amy Derick has been interviewed regarding tattoo removal more this year than all previous years combined. Some…


A Life-Changing Diagnosis

By: Jessica Meyer Dr. Amy Derick saw Christine, a 17 year-old girl, originally for acne. When she came in, Dr. Derick noticed that her face looked unusually thin, especially for someone so young. Christine didn’t have any known medical history that would explain the thinning face. The patient came back after her face had gotten…

Tattoo Removal Process

Laser Tattoo Removal Update

By: Jessica Meyer Second Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment: I waited seven weeks (six weeks were recommended for me) for my second tattoo removal session. During those seven weeks, my tattoo faded so much! In the thinner lines the pigment seemed to do a better job of breaking up after the first session, compared to some…

Latisse Used to Enhance the Eyelashes

Trade in False Lashes for Latisse

By: Jessica Meyer “Does it work?” That’s the first question out of my friends’ mouths when I mention Latisse. Yes! I decided to try Latisse just to see if anything would happen, and secretly hoping that I would roll out of bed like a beauty queen without the falsies. I wasn’t necessarily unhappy with my…

Severe Sunburn

Attention Spring Breakers!

What’s that one essential step before stepping on the beach in your bikini or swimming trunks for the first time in almost a year?  Besides the pre-vacation workout and the endless shopping and packing?  It’s that one thing that will really enhance your body in a bathing suit.  The elusive, perfectly bronzed suntan.  With so…