stages of earlobe repair. earlobe with hole, earlobe with sutures, earlobe without sutures

Is Earlobe Repair Right For You?

While pierced ears may have started the trend, body piercings are almost as common as tattoos these days. Nose, eyebrow, tongue, lip, or otherwise, almost any body part can be used for ornamentation. Regardless of location, any body piercing can have unpleasant outcomes, including keloids, infections, and allergic reactions, among others. One of the most…

tracy campbell, md beside Derick Dermatology logo

Tracy Campbell, MD

To say that Derick Dermatology is honored to have had this month’s Doctor on board for over four years is an understatement. Board-Certified Dr. Tracy Campbell joined our practice in 2012 and has been an asset ever since. For her undergraduate degree, Dr. Campbell attended Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska where she graduated summa cum…

female holding skis, wearing scarf, ski jacket, gloves, goggles and hat

How to Prevent Frostbite

Chicago area winters are brutal. Between the seasonal drop in temperature and the winds that blow off of Lake Michigan, we have more than our share of below zero days. Those frigid days and nights come with a number of unpleasant dermatological conditions including dry skin and hair, chapped lips, and the possibility of frostbite,…

provider michelle bate

Michelle Bate, FNP

At Derick Dermatology, we strive to staff our practice with people who believe in continual growth as medical practitioners and are passionate about patient care. Michelle Bate, FNP, is one such person. Michelle joined our practice in February of 2012 and has been a favorite of both coworkers and patients ever since. Michelle is deeply…

splinter in finger

How to Remove a Splinter?

A typical hazard of childhood (and adulthood) is the common splinter. Those who had parents with skilled hands were lucky; the splinter would be removed within seconds – no harm, no foul – and play could quickly resume. Those whose parents were not so deft had a completely different experience: first came the digging and…