Restorsea Skincare Review

By:Laura Hunnewell I was anxious to try this product line because I have read a lot about it in magazines and beauty sites.  Restorsea uses the Vibransea Complex in their products which comes from enzymes released in and around salmon hatching waters of Norway.  Free of parabens, phthalates, silicone, PEG’s, or mineral oil –  Restorsea…


Do you have Rosacea?

By:Laura Hunnewell Do you have Rosacea?   Quite common, this skin disease has many different signs and symptoms.   It might affect your forehead, nose, cheeks, or chin.  Seeking medical treatment so that your skin can be evaluated by a physician is the first step to addressing your concerns about Rosacea. Laser treatments such as V Beam…


My Laser Hair Removal Experience

By:Laura Hunnewell I was a regular waxer for well over 15 years.  I liked my esthetician and the convenience of not shaving.  Things started to change with my skin and I was noticing that despite my efforts with exfoliation I was getting some very painful ingrown hairs.   I thought about looking into laser hair removal…