Closeup of Eyes

All About Eyes

When I wake up in the morning, I often glance in the mirror and notice that the skin around my eyes is not what it used to be!  And let’s not forget the added bonus of puffiness and dark circles.  Dehydration, a night of too many cocktails, daily stress, and this most extremely dry winter…


Derick Dermatology in Letters and Communications

Derick Dermatology’s Amy Derick and Monica Lai have contributed an article to Letters and Communications. The article, entitled “The Plastic Occluder: A Protective Instrument During Cryosurgery,” discusses the use of plastic occluders during cryosurgery. Occluders are used to comfortably shield a patient’s eyes during cryosurgery. To read the entire article, please click the link below…

Beautiful Model Applying Makeup for Summer

Summer Make Up

I need to switch my face makeup routine a bit in the summer as heavier tinted moisturizers or foundations don’t sit well on my skin in this heat. I like lighter and brighter make up with sunscreen. How do we achieve a fresh faced look in the humid summer months? I start by cleansing the…

Funny photo of dog in the sun with sunscreen

July is National UV Safety Month

By: Laura Hunnewell A recent email from a friend prompted me to write about this topic. After spending many of her teen and young adult years in the sun, she felt the need to see a dermatologist. Much to her surprise, she received the news that she has Basal Cell Carcinoma. She sent me the following…