Crystal Lake Dermatology

Derick Dermatology in Crystal Lake

Derick Dermatology in Crystal Lake, IL Derick Dermatology began as the vision of our founder, Dr. Amy Derick. Founded in 2006, we have been providing quality dermatological care to patients in the Chicago area for 13 years. The providers at Derick Dermatology want to bring the best care available for our dermatology patients, and one…

Barrington Dermatology

Derick Dermatology in Barrington

Derick Dermatology in Barrington, IL Since our founding, Derick Dermatology has followed our vision to provide our patients with the highest quality dermatological care available. We have built state-of-the-art offices and use the latest technology to fulfill this vision. Part of that vision includes offering our services at times that are convenient for you and…


How to Use Latisse?

Don’t Just “Live With” Your Thinning Eyelashes! Celebrities and models we see every day in movies, on television, and the internet always seem to have enough eyelashes for three people. Their lashes look long, thick, and luxurious. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of makeup tutorials on the internet demonstrating tips and tricks to achieve…