laser hair removal arm pit

My Laser Hair Removal Experience

By:Laura Hunnewell I was a regular waxer for well over 15 years.  I liked my esthetician and the convenience of not shaving.  Things started to change with my skin and I was noticing that despite my efforts with exfoliation I was getting some very painful ingrown hairs.   I thought about looking into laser hair removal…

Dermal Fillers

My Dermal Filler

By: Laura Hunnewell I wasn’t really sure about dermal fillers – in fact,   I had seen a few people overdo it with Botox and knew what I did NOT want to look like!   I was open to smoothing out my skin’s surface and adding some fill to the creases around my mouth.    I am a 38…

Dry Skin

How to Treat Dry Skin

The frigid temperatures and long winter have added stress to our general skin health.  Artificial heat in our homes removes moisture from the air, further aggravating the existing skin condition.   Adding a humidifier in your bedroom will help to put moisture back into the air. While going to school to obtain my esthetician’s license, I…