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CoolSculpting Near Me

Looking our best is a priority to most of us, yet we often have those stubborn areas of fat that don’t seem to respond to diet or exercise. No matter how many calories we cut or how many oblique crunches we do, we just can’t get rid of these unsightly fat deposits. Sure, there are…

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Redheads and Skin Cancer

Titian, ginger, auburn, amber, russet, or copper – all are words used to describe redheads. Only one to two percent of the world’s population have red hair; as the rarest natural hair color, many covet it. However a recent study suggests that maybe they shouldn’t. Red hair is often associated with fair, freckled skin that…

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Jenny Brophy, PA-C

One of Derick Dermatology’s many superstars is Jenny Brophy, PA-C. Jenny was excited enough by the prospect of joining the Derick Dermatology team that she was willing to interview with them a mere three days before her wedding. Jenny enjoys making every experience meaningful for her patients. “My goal is to create a lasting personal…

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Caring Hands for Your Hands

If, as Shakespeare observed “the eyes are the window of your soul,” your hands, then, are the external reflection of your age, health and well-being. They have been immortalized in prose, song and verse, since time immemorial, from the excerpt from the song “Daddy’s Hands” … “there was always love in Daddy’s hands,” to the…