birth control pills in packet on a table

How Birth Control Pills Can Help Acne

How Birth Control Pills Can Help Acne Lauren Fanta If you are a woman and notice acne breakouts (especially along your jawline, chin and neck) that worsen during your monthly cycle, you are not alone. Oral contraceptives, commonly known as birth control pills, can influence hormones and prevent acne—in addition to preventing pregnancy. Oral contraceptives have…

syringe with needle and 3 medicine vials used for ILK injections

Intralesional Kenalog Injections

Intralesional Kenalog Injections Lauren Fanta Tried and true, intralesional Kenalog injections have played an important role in the world of dermatology since their introduction in 1961. Intralesional Kenalog injections, or ILK injections, help reduce and suppress inflammation to an area of skin through the injection of steroid, through a fine needle. Kenalog, or triamcinolone acetonide,…

dermatologist with mask and glasses on performing excision of melanoma

Excision of a Melanoma

Excision of a Melanoma By Candy Zhu In recent years, skin cancer has become increasingly prominent–far outnumbering all other types of skin cancers combined. One specific type of skin cancer is called melanoma which affects the pigment-producing cells in the skin. Melanoma can present in various ways, e.g. atypical moles. Although melanoma cancer accounts for…

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The Facts About Keloids

From the tiniest paper cut to a surgical incision, we know that the possibility of scarring exists. Like other scars, keloids occur after the skin is damaged; unlike other scars, however, they continue to grow, sometimes becoming more expansive, raised, and dark in color. The following information can help you determine if a visit to…